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Enterprise-Wide Physical Security. Industry-Leading Compliance.

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Keep Your Data Secure

Your Data Center houses your critical infrastructure. Your colocation partner must value security, compliance, and connectivity as much as you do—if not even more. Agility CoLo takes care of worrying about security and compliance so you don’t have to. 

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Security is the most important feature in a Data Center, followed closely by compliance. Because your infrastructure is sheltered in a colocation facility, the facility itself must be shielded with numerous security components that culminate in one unified security policy designed to keep your data safe and your operations online. 

Since most Data Center facilities store confidential and proprietary information, your colocation provider must be both physically and digitally secure with the most up-to-date methods. 

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A Secure Physical Infrastructure

The physical layout of your Data Center is paramount to the ongoing operation of your business-critical functions; it’s also the first step to getting the peace of mind you deserve regarding how your servers and data are stored.

As your colocation partner, Agility Colo believes that you shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to the physical structures that store your valuable data, which is why we take all necessary steps to strengthen the physical structure of our facility. 

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Here’s what it takes to deliver an exceptional Data Center physical infrastructure:

Icons_security-21A Secure Location

Data Centers hold volumes upon volumes of priceless data, which means there’s no room for error. Your Data Center should be far from power plants, airports, floodplains, earthquake fault lines, chemical plants, and any other areas that commonly experience natural disasters like tornadoes or hurricanes. 

Agility CoLo’s Data Center was not only built to avoid these kinds of disasters, but also with factors like climate protection, seismic activity, terrain type, and both natural and man-made disasters in mind. We carefully and meticulously selected the exact spot for our colocation facility to keep your data out of the path of impending danger. 

Icons_entryLimited Entry Points

A secure Data Center has limited entry points to prevent potential intruders from finding their way in. To reduce the risk of physical break-ins, a fortified colocation center should be able to control access to the building with few points of entry. 

These entry points should be secured with controlled access and alarms to keep servers protected. What’s more? These access points should be monitored to keep track of everyone entering and exiting the building in the event of a major issue.

Icons_security2Strong Physical Barriers

The last thing someone wants is for a branch to blow into their Data Center through a broken window to wreak havoc on their servers. A worthy colocation center should have strong physical barriers like thick, concrete walls and fortified retaining walls. 

Strong physical barriers may include:
Landscaping and hardscaping like trees, flag poles, and boulders to keep foreign objects from getting too close
A fence or barrier to create a buffer zone around the facility

Physical barriers are ideal for keeping outdoor elements from making their way inside. Also, your Data Center should have as few windows as possible. Windows in administrative areas and break rooms are fine, but they should be placed far away from where any actual servers are stored. 

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Trailblazing Technology

Your colocation partner should be armed with the most up-to-date security technology features to keep your data as secure as the concrete walls protecting the physical location. Security technology should be the top priority to maintain your mission-critical infrastructure.

Surveillance monitoring systems
On-site data center compliance experts


Regulatory compliance isn’t just a helpful feature; it’s a must-have for organizations that handle financial data and sensitive customer information. While some Data Centers might see this as a liability, difficulty, or overhead cost, Agility CoLo knows that compliance is indispensable to your operations and key for your confidence in your Data Center partner. 


Security Designed With Your Needs in Mind

Agility CoLo understands just how important it is to have a secure, high-performance environment to power your IT infrastructure. At Agility CoLo, we place the utmost value on fortified security to ensure your operations are always ready for anything. This includes:

  • A full gated perimeter
  • Full HIPAA compliance
  • SOC 2 Type 2 compliant
  • Active video records of all entry points

Our facility security is prepared to meet the strictest of industry standards to keep your data protected no matter what. Schedule a tour of our facility to discover how we work to meet all of your security and compliance requirements!


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