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High Performance Hosting Support. Reliable Service. Local Infrastructure.

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Infrastructure and Application Hosting

Your websites and applications need quick loading times, reliable up-time, and high performance capabilities. For this to happen, you need a hosting solution with a physical infrastructure that is up to the challenge. You also need a hosting partner that prioritizes hardware maintenance to keep you online without delay or disruption.

Infrastructure and Application Hosting

At Agility CoLo, our private, local infrastructure hosting is based right here in Wisconsin, in your own backyard. This close proximity is ideal for customers who run latency-sensitive applications—the ones for which performance in the public cloud isn’t up to par. 

Our Wisconsin-based infrastructure hosting is designed with personal service in mind, to provide you with application-specific, performant solutions you can rely on. Our mission? To ensure optimal performance for any application you host. 

It's hosting that just makes sense. 

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Local Hosting Just Makes Sense

At Agility CoLo, we work primarily with organizations local to Wisconsin and the Midwest, including the greater Chicago and Minneapolis regions. 

Why host your servers halfway across the country and struggle with issues of latency when you can have a locally available infrastructure hosting partner? When you choose Agility CoLo for your infrastructure and application hosting, data is generally closer to the end user—it doesn’t take nearly as long for data to travel. 

In a world where speed is everything, having your colocation and hosting partner nearby means your load times are at the top of their game. 

Don’t be left waiting.

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Our Promise To You

Your application hosting needs are unique to you.Whatever your goals are, Agility CoLo provides the physical hardware and resources to keep you online. We're determined to provide you with the top hosting infrastructure to meet your desired performance metrics.

Fast load times and reliable uptimes
Infrastructure hosting appropriate to your software solutions and functions
Lightning-fast input-output performance 
An abundance of bandwidth, RAM, and storage for your operations
Flexible pricing to match your performance and budget needs

When it comes to performance, Agility CoLo leaves nothing to chance. We never want to leave you in the lurch, which means we under-subscribe the resources needed to run your applications, allowing you to ensure that unscheduled downtime are a thing of the past.

When we reach 80% usage of required resources, we add more so you never miss a beat. Plus, our compute hardware runs on solid-state drives for peak performance, and our facilities are equipped with a reinforced building-within-a-building structure.

That means that in the event of a severe weather event, our second, inner structure remains safe and secure to keep your data protected, even if the exterior is damaged.

Data Center Tour

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It’s time to stop worrying about application load times and start working with a flexible, locally-based infrastructure hosting partner that will consistently deliver on your performance goals.

Don’t spend another second waiting for your site to load.


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