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Ongoing Performance Even After a Catastrophe

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Reliable Disaster Recovery Services

The misfortune of a natural disaster, fire, theft, or power outage shouldn’t result in lost data, and it certainly shouldn’t put your entire organization in jeopardy. You must have the power to recover your data as fast as possible. After all, downtime means lost productivity and potentially even lost business. 

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When disaster strikes, disaster recovery services can help you get back to normal quickly. Agility CoLo offers Disaster Recovery as a Service, or DRaaS. We keep a duplicate of your business' servers ready at all times in case your data center goes down. This way, you always have a lifeline available to keep your operation in gear. 

Onsite backups and data centers can fail or be damaged during a natural disaster or outage. They can be stolen or destroyed in a fire, leaving your organization in a bind. Cloud backups can take a long time to recover, which results in downtime and lost revenue for your business.

With offsite backup and disaster recovery services, Agility CoLo lets you breathe easy knowing that even in the event of an emergency, your data remains intact and accessible.

We’re here to help you manage the risk of losing your data, shorten recovery time, and keep you from the days of downtime that come with lesser backup solutions. 

Don’t leave recovery to chance.

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When Mass Market Disaster Recovery Isn’t Enough

Cloud-based disaster recovery solutions may sound appealing—and they’re certainly fine for home use. You can use them to backup your home computer’s files or your family photographs and recover your irreplaceable data quickly. 

But your business is a different story.

When trying to use these cloud-based, mass-market solutions, download speeds are unbelievably slow. Restore time for a business can take as long as several days, leaving you in the dark while you wait for your data to download, making an already frustrating event that much harder to bounce back from - not to mention several times more costly.

Be ready for anything. 

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A Sense of Security

When something unexpected happens, Agility CoLo can help you keep your business running, no matter what. 

With data centers right here in Wisconsin, we’re right down the road from your organization. We’re here to help you plan for anything with our DR plans and secure facilities.
If you're worried about severe weather, you can rest assured that your data is secure in our building-inside-a-building structure.

See how Agility can help you weather the storm and get back online in no time.

Plan ahead. Be prepared. 

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How It Works

How do our disaster recovery services work? While we always cater our services to your unique needs, our DRaaS often look like this:

Connect with our team, calculate how much storage space you need, and share your internet service speed.
We offer disaster recovery software, help you set it all up, then manage your automatic backups within our data center.
Download the data files you choose to copy. If you need support, we can advise you about which files you’ll want to back up.
If you lose your data due to theft, outage, natural disaster, or another calamitous event, we’ll send you a copy of your data at no additional cost at the maximum speed your service allows so you can get back to business in no time. 
If you lost your internet service or are unable to download your data for any reason, we send you a copy of your data via next-day shipping, and we’ll help you overcome any additional stumbling blocks you encounter in your recovery efforts. 


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Your choice of data center and disaster recovery partner is distinctive to your operations. At Agility CoLo, we know that nothing replaces the comfort you have in knowing you’re ready for whatever disaster may come your way. Discover our facility and our recovery support firsthand by scheduling a tour of our colocation center. 

We’re here for you no matter what.


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