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You focus on your business.
Leave the data management to us.

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You need an IT infrastructure for your mission-critical data.
But you don't want the capital expense of building and staffing your own facility.

Let AgilityCOLO's trusted experts and formidable facility handle your data. We can manage Colocation, Disaster Recovery, and Datacenter operations while you concentrate on what drives your business forward.

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Services and Control for Your Needs

Maintain complete control of your hardware or leverage AgilityCOLO's various levels of managed services to fit your specific needs. 

All racks are secured, locked, and monitored by video surveillance. They're accessible to your team 24/7/365. With AgilityCOLO, your equipment is secure and available. Always.


Secure Data Storage Using our Facility, Your Gear

Since 2007, AgilityCOLO has provided 24/7/365 secure data storage, data backup, application hosting, colocation, and business continuity services to hundreds of clients. 

We custom built and operate our standalone SOC 2 Type 2 datacenter facility, located just north of downtown Milwaukee. 

Flexible Plans to Suit Your Needs

Month to Month Billing

Month to Month

Annual Billing


Multi-Year Billing


Flexible Pricing

Flexible Pricing

Our Racks or Your Racks

Our Racks, Your Racks

Full Racks, Half Racks, Full Row

Full Racks, Half Racks, Full Row





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Data Center

Keep your data safe even in the most extreme weather conditions.


We Designed and built the AgilityCOLO data center to last. Our standalone facility has a full masonry exterior construction designed as a building inside of a building, complete with two roofs. If a storm takes off one roof, another roof below protects the equipment inside. 

Our site was specifically chosen to avoid natural and manmade disasters and other modern day threats while providing convenient access to clients in the Midwest. 

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Our facility's structural features include:

  • 26,870 sq. ft. total building space
  • Two redundant roofs with building-in-a-building data center construction
  • 24/7/365 remote monitoring of data center infrastructure
  • Cubicles and other workspaces for customer use
  • Loading dock
  • Pre-engineered for expansion to double capacity
  • 4,900 sq. ft. raised floor data center retail space
  • 4,100 sq. ft. unoccupied concrete floor space
  • Three independant electrical switching, UPS, and NetPOP rooms isolated from the data center
  • Six offices and meeting rooms available for customer use
  • Full masonry construction
  • Secured on-site storage

A Controlled Environment with Conditioned Power and Superior Connectivity

Our data center features a precision-controlled environment. Its HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) system is N+1 redundant to ensure that environmental conditions within the facility and that the racks themselves maintain optimal temperatures.

Our facility also features advanced fire detection and an automatic FE25 fire-suppression system. Conditioned power and cooling systems ensure that things run smoothly while staying cool.


Advanced Cooling

• (4) 30 Ton Liebert CRAC units with independent glycol loops in an N+1 configuration

• Hot/Cold aisle configuration

• (9) APC InRow cooling units provide 40 Ton redundant cooling for high-density cabinets

• (1) 20 Ton Liebert unit for other infrastructure

Conditioned Power

In the event of a total electrical outage, the data center’s power systems will continue to run thanks to our facility-wide UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply). If an extended outage occurs, our on-site enterprise-grade diesel generator can power the facility indefinitely.

• 750kW load UPS

• 4,000 amp underground utility power feed

• 1.5 MW Cummins diesel-powered generator with 2,500 gal fuel tank capable of running indefinitely

• Redundant power to cabinets with multiple power configuration options



Multiple carriers enter our data center at four physically disparate points to provide ample bandwidth and to guard against service failure on any one line. Bring in your own circuits or subscribe to vcpi’s BGP load-balanced, multi-carrier Internet with upstream DDoS security included. 

• Carrier-neutral facility

• Multiple telecom carriers currently provide lit and dark fiber service

• 4 disparate entrance points into the facility

• Multi-carrier BGP redundant Dedicated Internet Service available


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